Thursday, September 22, 2011

Anas, Peace be upon you!

Ans, the 10-months-old little child shown in the following clip was among the 80 protesters killed in Yemen, since Sun. 18th Sept. by Saleh's savage & brutal forces. Anas was killed in the cross fire during the clashes with security forces.

His father had a message to the world about his son's murdered in the foloowing clip. The translation is below.

"A message to the friend countries, look at this child, where are the international organisations? Where are the children's organisations? Where are they not here to witness what Ali Abdullah Saleh did to those children? Why are his snipers killing them? My message to them is to stop supporting him, my message to them is to stand with Yemenis, the people of Yemen, those who will remain here once the regime falls."

Peace be upon you, Anas, & Saleh must be taken to intl. criminal courts for the sake of Anas and all the innocent people killed by his forces.