Thursday, August 11, 2011

#Salehinksa is still thinking of returning to #Yemen

I can't help it but express my thoughts on how I'm really inspired by how resilient and determined Saleh is throughout his whole life. He fought many obstacles and even recently he fought bombs, and yet he continues to cling into life. Wow! I really feel small next to the inspiring ability he has to keep surviving harsh situations.

Whenever I feel down and I'd like to end the pain I'd be feeling, I just remember Saleh! "Afrah, why would you commit suicide when Saleh was bombed and he still managed to love life and defeated death because .." , I'd tell myself secretly.

Look at this dude, Saleh! He is almost 70 and still has the ability and determination to defeat whatever, inshallah Death, just to keep on living! He's truly an "inspiring person."