Friday, April 22, 2011

Message to Saleh

You can see the photo of president Saleh pausing before his supporters who are on the other side of the photo. Today, he was respectfully pausing for Yemen's national song and was about to deliver a brief speech. While he was uttering the "usual" words, I had in my mind the following quick message to him.

Dear Mr. Saleh,

I see that you have supporters; chanting for you "People wants Ali Abdullah Saleh". And I see you only speak to them and NEVER EVER speak to the other side; at the change square!

I was wondering; since you pay for all your supporters or you don't, your supporters might be benefited by you in someway or another. I'm sure that gathering all these people is costing you something. I was wondering, where were you all these years! where was all that money, when Yemenis needed it the most?! Why didn't you work all past years to make sure that ALL the people love you?!

In addition, what kind of a fair president who keeps giving speeches and never speak to the whole nation! Why are you keeping on marginalizing the revolutionary youth?!

Anyhow, I'm not curious at all to know the answers. I think I already know.