Wednesday, April 13, 2011

مسيرة "رجالية" بعيون فتاة يمنية في صنعاء - "Men's" Rally and a Yemeni girl in Sana'a

قبل دقايق كنت وسط مسيرة ضخــــــــــمة "رجالية" تدور حول شوارع صنعاء. شعور رااااااااااائع ... مالقيت الا كل الود و الاحترام من الشباب المتظاهرين ^_^ بارك الله فيهم و عاشت اليمن بلادنا حرة ابيه ياااااااارب

Minutes ago, I was at a "Men's" rally where hundreds of thousands of Yemenis marched through Sana'a's streets. I marched with them. Keep in mind that Yemeni women never march with men for social, cultural and/or religious reasons, but I did it! It was an amazing feeling.. I had nothing but looks of respect and care from the men demonstrators. Long live my beloved people and my country ^_^ !