Monday, April 11, 2011

In a Relationship with Yemen's Revolution

Yes, that's right! I'm in a relationship with my country's revolution. In fact, I'm soooo in love with Yemen right now. It's all what I think of and all what matters to me. I have to stress on the fact that I do NOT have any political affiliation and yet the only affiliation I have is to Yemen. My political party is Yemen. My tribe is Yemen. My love is Yemen.

To give you an example of what captivates my heart the most these days is the following couple points:-

-I love being at the Change Square. It really feels great and safe to be there. Typically, women in Yemen get harassed all the time at the streets. However, I never ever had any harassment at the Square. Looks with grace and respect are what I receive there. Talking to other girls and women, they tell me so too. That explains the increasing participation from women at the square.

-Another simple gesture of my vivid love for Yemen is when Yemen's flag moves softly by the wind, my heart fills up with joy and adoration to my country. I humbly say that my eyes get watery when I see that.

I must confess that my heart also aches when I think of all the Yemeni martyrs who were shot dead around Yemen, in the name of democracy and calling for change. Their blood is really precious and they were sacrificing their lives so we could enjoy democracy and dignity. They are unforgettable and are still living in our hearts. May their souls rest in peace.

Yemen, my love, is entering a new era (new chapter) of its history which is blowing the whole world away! I feel really lucky to be alive to witness this time of Yemen's history. No doubt, it's a remarkable event for all Yemenis; in Yemen and outside. It's the beginning of a new life that's full of democracy and dignity.

To be honest, it's very strange for the teenage Afrah who I used to be to feel/say/write all this about Yemen. During my first years of teenage, I only used to think about immigration because of the discontent feeling I had about living in Yemen. Today, all that changed. Who can't love his country when all its people are rising up! Today, I want to live and die in my country. Yemen's Revolution, thank you and I love you!