Monday, December 27, 2010

My lessons from 2010

I have been collecting people’s wishes for 2011 and publish them in the newspaper for the last couple issues. It made me think of what my wishes are! And if I do have any! Frankly, I don’t have specific wishes but I do have lessons that I learned from 2010 specifically.

Here is the countdown of the main 5 lessons I learned in 2010:-

5-If you are in your early 20s and still don’t know what you really want to do or be in life, it’s alright! That’s exactly what you are supposed to be doing in that age; you are supposed not to know what exactly is that you want. It will get clearer with the passage of time. Just hang in there!

4-Once you fear nothing, good stuff come to you. That’s to say, once you are comfortable with being uncomfortable, things change drastically for the better. For example, once you don’t fear being alone, good people surround you. Once you don’t fear being broke, wealth comes to you. Once you don’t fear being stuck in the same place, you will move forward.

3-No success comes without hard work. Working hard means that you will sweat very much, you will be so tired that your muscles and bones hurt and you will become sleep-deprived. If you don’t experience such feelings, that means you are not REALLY working hard and not doing your maximum best. I learned that working hard pays off eventually. Sometimes you don’t see the result right away, but the result will appear one day. Just be patient!

2-As a starting young journalist, I’m over-joyed to have the chance and travel to Kuwait, Jordan, Switzerland and Denmark during this year only! I went to all these countries as a representative of Yemen. I gained better and deeper understanding of my spirit from all these trips, let alone the educational and academic benefit I gained. I learned that the true meaning of home and the spirit of my home country is not to be defined by a location. That feeling is abstract and lies inside my heart only. I managed when I was a way from Yemen to take Yemen with me in my heart and soul. It’s so clear to me now that the real meaning of home is greater than any definition.

1-I learned that I must work hard and pleasure well. That’s what really life is about! I learned that it’s important to keep balance between both elements. Hence, when I work and study, I squeeze my brain, focus and do the best I can to succeed. On the other hand, when it’s time to party and celebrate whatever it is, I lose myself into it and smoothly blend with the music, the dance, the joy and the laughs.

Those are the lessons I came to comprehend and I really hope that next year’s lessons will be more exciting!

Happy New Year Everyone!