Monday, October 4, 2010

Born to be a painter, Jumana Ashami

Inspiration comes to her with no specific timing, not giving her any time to get ready to paint. Hence, she completely keeps herself ready for any idea that could come to her mind and paint right away. It doesn’t matter how many hours it could take her to finish one painting, but she feels compelled to finish it and she does so.

Jumana Ashami, one of the talented starting, professional, female painters in Yemen has truly nothing but magical fingers, painting her wonderful paintings. She is so much into drawing since her childhood, “I have been drawing since I could remember,” said Ashami.

Years went by and she was determined to study drawing as a subject, then she majored in illustration department at Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia in Yemen and become a graphic designer.

The most distinguished feature about Ashami’s artistic life is the great support and belief on her she received from her family, leading her to be enrolled in illustration department. That is to say, they never underestimated her talent and encouraged her to specialize in graphic design.

It was very important for her to study illustration. Now she looks back at her works before college and admits how influential was to her to study her great passion, drawing, academically! “There is a great difference between my work today and how it used to be before college. I owe a lot to my professors in college. Sometimes, I laugh when I see how I used to draw before college,” explained Ashami.

She is one of the artists and illustrators of a youth magazine, YoO mag, drawing for articles and giving them a further meaning. Ashami and many other young Yemeni female painters, who are talented and aspiring popularity, represent a new artistic painting movement in Yemen, simply because they are on the frontline.