Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Documentaries enhance youth’s voices

Under the frame work of Camera as a Voice Program, Youth Leadership Development Foundation and Girls World Communication Center launched screening documentary films, last Tuesday. The documentaries grasped issues related to gender issues and reproductive health’s rights and other issue.

Activists and involved in civil society organizations and families of participants in the program attended the screening. Eight short documentary films were displayed with the attendance of a specialized jury in gender issues. The jury was run by Dr. Raufa Hassan, chairperson of Cultural Development Planning Foundation (CDPF). In addition, the jury consisted of Dr. Bothynah al-Taal, Safa’a Rawiah, Rasha al-Jundi and Aymen Mufthel. At the end of the screening ceremony, the winners documentaries were announced. The first winner was the documentary film “Roa’ayah Bassir- Vision”. The second winner documentary was “Bdon thekr asma’a- without mentioning names” and the third winner documentary was “thlath talqat- three shots”.

The other participant documantries were “Star Man”, “al-Bydeq”, “lemen al-Qarar”, “Soot Hur” and “Xx Xy”.

Those documentaries were part of the Camera as a Voice Program, funded by United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The program trained 53 young trainers on tackling subjects related to gender issues and reproductive health’s rights. Moreover, the program provided the trainers with the basic skills and information about filmmaking. The program that lasted for four months aims to enhance youth’s freedom of expression on gender issues and reproductive health’s rights through filmmaking.