Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Al-Ghabri has an artistic instinct, al-Muflehi

The Minister of Culture, Dr. Mohammed al-Muflehi inaugurated Abdulrahman al-Ghabri’s photo studio and saw al-Ghabri’s simple photo gallery in his Studio “Gabreez Studioz”, last week.

Dr. al-Muflehi praised al-Ghabri’s artistic works and how well-equipped the Studio is. “As I found out and see, the studio has international standards which will definitely help in giving Yemen’s photographic movement a new face. In addition, this improves the photographic cultural diversity and tourists will be influenced by what al-Ghabri’s camera would convey to viewers,” said Dr. al-Muflehi.

He also added that the essential fruit of having such a prestigious studio is improving public’s taste for Art and photography.. “an ordinary person needs someone else to guide him to where art exists. He needs guidness to where natural beauty and purity in natural places that were not polluted exists. A beautiful photo raises awareness inside any simple person.”

“Al-Ghabri’ has a special feature that doesn’t exist in any other Yemeni photographer and that is how he converts his photos into an artistic painting while it is a simple photo about nature. He has moving potentials and a very insightful feeling about landscapes and natural places’ beauty. Plus, he takes photos in the right timing for the right places,” said al-Maflehi.
He included by saying, “Al-Ghabri has high tech tools in the field of photography which enhance his artistic instinct and that gets him to have the best photos. Simply, he is a combination of best senser of good landscape, high tech tools and his perfect timing to take photos.”