Thursday, July 29, 2010

European artists portrait Yemen’s aesthetic aspects

Under the frame work of Sana’a Tourism Summer Festival’s events, photos and paintings exhibition of 8 European artists took place at Bab al-Yemen’s (Old Sana’a) art hall from 15th until 23rd July. Deputy minister of Tourism for programs and activities sector, Ahmed Taqi launched the exhibition expressing his delight to see this artistic project between Yemen and Europe to be in reality revealing the close bond between Yemen and the international community.

The 8 European artists are Edllardo Laborde and David Gonzalez from Spain, Charles Foster-Hall and Philip Brahan from United Kingdom, Charlotte Jaunez, Aurelie Pedrajas, Stephanie Ledoux and Philippe Bichon from France. Their works depicted Yemen from different aesthetic aspects.

The festival is held annually to promote tourism and international cultural exchange between Yemen and the international community and this year was the festival’s fifth run.