Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Letter To Mr. President

I write this letter to you with a hope that I might get heard. I have tried all the means to contact you but nothing worked out. I even called your office but I was degraded.

I have always been and I’m still a responsible citizen. I have never committed any felony. I have never robbed anything from the country or outside the country. I always call for development. I care about Yemen a lot; I even don’t throw a handkerchief in the dirtiest streets because I care about the cleanness of the country. I love Yemen with all my heart.

Yemen faces lots of challenges and heaven only knows how many work you have to do. However, I’d love you to take care also of a current issue that is much related to every Yemeni’s life. I speak on behalf of all the people ‘the citizens’ I know. We need more electricity. The fact that the electricity is being cut off for over than 3 hours is really extremely worrying. It reaches over 5 to 6 hours in some places in the country.

As you surely know, the weather in Yemen is moderate in some parts and very hot in other parts of the country. People of the hot places desperately depend on air conditioners, fans and so on; anything that could cool the air and that requires electricity. So, It’s important for their survival.

On the other hand, the country’s business and work of Ministries, Companies, Hospitals, and Offices and so on need it as well. The country’s productivity depends on it. Every minute goes without electricity costs us lots of money. It’s a wasted time that could have made the country obtain much progress.

There are many reasons that would strongly prove that we are in need of electricity. The strongest reason for me is Sana’a is the capital and should never face such problem. It might be expensive to get more electricity to the country since the demand is way high than we already have, but that doesn’t mean we should sit still and do nothing about it. There has to be some kind of solution.

When I was telling my friends that I’m writing a letter to you, I was made fun of! Their claims were that I’ll never be heard and that I should write to the Minster of Electricity not to the President. I hope they all turn mistaken about me being not heard. Plus, I know that I should have written the letter to the Minster but I wanted you to be my connection to him since everything in the country is working effectively when you do have connections. The stronger connection you have, the smother your things run.

Please tell the Minister that the situation is really bad and things must be addressed immediately. It is very crucial matter for every one and everything in every part of the beloved Yemen. Our life depends on it. Seriously, our productivity is being wasted when there is no electricity.