Friday, December 9, 2011

Yemen Wins Najem al-Khaleej 2011

For the second year in a row, a participant from Yemen wins the top prize for 2011 in the Arabian popular musical contest, Najem al-Khaleej run by and at DubaiTV, UAE. Najib al-Muqbeli, at age 27, born in Aden dazzled audience with his performances during Najim al-Kaleej and got the highest votes. Last year winner was Fouad Abdel-Wahed who was also from Yemen.

The moment they announced his winning:-

Amidst the horror and bloodshed the country has witnessed for the past 8 months, this joyful news came as a small treat for the people in Yemen. Right after the announcement, people in Taiz went on streets and celebrated Najib's winning. In Sana'a, people celebrated as well; shown in the following clip:-

This is merely said as a joke; but I think that part of the GCC power-transfer plan is to make UAE let Najib win :D .. but of course, he has a beautiful voice that didn't only make him win the title, but also make him have a special award from Rotana Company, "Owned by Saudi prince, al-Waleed", to have a a five-years contract. Admittedly, this year has been very exceptional for Yemen. Tawakkol Karamn from Yemen won the Nobel Peace Prize, Arwa Othman won a prestigious international award for culture. With the hope that a better future; full of joy and peace coming for Yemen, I leave you with one of Najib's performances:-