Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The problem with Yemen war

Illustration by Sam Kalda

The problem with Yemen war is this cross point between a global attitude that doesn't know where the hell Yemen is located on the map (let alone of recognizing Yemenis as human beings!), and foreign super powers; like Saudi, UK, US, & local super powers; like Saleh & Abdelmalik Al Houthi stretching their muscles as they can, and most genuinely, Yemenis' pride in saying: we rather die silently than sensationalizing our agony & plight so the world can pay attention to our pain. Yemenis are people of a complete integrity attributed to their agricultural-culture & tribal values. It's always on the back of our heads. I wish I can tell our integrity that, "if there is any humans' pain in the world today that deserves to get sensationalized at the media & governments' offices is yours. A mild earthquake was felt last night in many parts of Yemen. Earthquake during a war; what more tragedy you want? Ok, don't sensationalize anything. The facts would do enough. Just speak up louder!" ✊🏽

Sunday, May 15, 2016

For lasting peace in Yemen, bring women to the table

"...Currently, Yemen is going through a third round of peace talks. Women’s voices have been absent from the peace talks so far. This unfairness threatens the sustainability of any deal that may be reached, and women are worried that any peace deal will be centred on a power-sharing formula instead of a socially responsible resolution leading to reparation for victims and affected communities. Now, once again, we are pushing for the inclusion of women. We will not stop our peaceful campaigns until our voices are heard and until our rights are implemented," writes the tireless magnificent Rasha Jarhum via LSE Middle East Centre. For full article, check here.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Yemeni Doctors are Everyday Heroes

Friday, April 29, 2016

I was Awarded Sweden's Pen Holder Prize for 2016

I was awarded Sweden's Pen Holder Prize for 2016, today. The prize was established since the late 80s & is annually awarded for female freelance journalists to support their work & dedication. If I'm not mistaken, I'm one of the first brown women given the award in Sweden, which not only makes me proud but also makes me love Sweden more. My Sweden sees a difference to be an advantage. And, more importantly, my Sweden believes in women's power.
Such recognition for my small & absolutely imperfect work, makes me wanna work harder & harder to continue echoing the voice of my people in Yemen. It's been 5 years for me in Sweden & I've always been thinking on how to dedicate my time & energy for my people, despite the distance (till the time comes when I work from Yemen).
Working with human rights issues is a tough work. You know that things might not get better. And they don't. They go backward, often. Still, what gets me jumping out of my bed every morning is: the love of my life, that's writing.
What would I have done without you, writing? Don't know..
Anyways, tack Sverige!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Takfeer in Yemen

Can't stop thinking about Omar who was killed two days ago by a fanatic religious group because he dared to challenge one of the trio taboos in Yemen (politics, sex and religion). For Omar, it was Allah to be examined. He dared to use his mind and think critically while the lunatics killers didn't have the balls to think, and simply followed ill-hearted rules and decided that Omar's blood was their ticket to heaven. Heaven; Omar would have laughed at that idea. Rest in courage, sweet Omar! You'll always be my hero!

"Politics and the Evolution of Takfeer in Yemen". I'm reposting this in-depth report Sama'a Al-Hamdani & I made few years ago, as we're reminded again by the sensitivity of offending religion with the murder of the 18-years-old Mohammed Omar. Sama'a and I conclude that "mandatory education must be enforced to help individuals make informed decisions. The Yemeni educational system, which is currently being revamped, needs to give equal importance to scientific education (learned knowledge over memorized knowledge). More importantly, the people need to be aware of the influence of religious imperialism from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Egypt and Turkey. When it comes to governance, people need to understand that there are modes of governance other than religious orthodoxy or failed “democracy.”