Monday, February 28, 2011

It's "unity" time!

The coming piece was an enlightening feedback I got as a response on my last blog-post. It was sent by a wholeheartedly dedicated young Yemeni activist who has been attending the protest almost everyday. I'd like to share it with you all; to have another enlightening perspective.

"I just wanted to say that your last article on your blog is great, and right to the point. But there's a part which I found very bad stereotyping. It's the part where you felt sad because you saw more men with beards. Let me explain a little. The current fucked-up regime has implanted this kind of stereotyping in our minds so we be scared of each other, so they can tear us apart, SO we can ask them to protect us and then they can stay in control. See, we don't need to see people as a person with suit, a person with beard, a person with spiky hair and so on, we need to see people as, this is a good person, and this is a bad person. Generalization is all part of the regime's game! For example, I know good people at Islah who are good, and they support liberalism! I mean seriously, I want to live in a free community where I can date, party, and do anything freely! But that doesn't make people with beards as bad people... Really, that day when the thugs came to kill us, everyone ran away, and those "people with beards" ran to the front to protect us, and I wouldn't forget this scene ever. All I'm saying that let's not put people into different categories, there are just bad people and good people... Let's stop what the government has been doing to us for more than 33 years by making us feel scared of each other, and hate each other. It's "unity" time, and break out of the prison..

I do agree with you that we need diversity there, and ensure that not certain people are taking over! And me and many other people do realize this, and we are trying our best to do many counter strategies and activities, and trying our best to keep this equal diversity."