Saturday, April 5, 2014

Yemeni Women’s Rights to Political Participation at Risk

Photo by Arwa Othman

Constituting Women’s Rights Support Group is calling the President Hadi, political parties and forces being committed to 30% women’s quota

Sana’a- March 30th, 2014

Regretfully, Constituting Women’s Rights Support Group, a group of Yemeni women activists, coalitions and organizations, condemns the under-representation of women’s 30% quota in the committee of Regions’ Division and the Constitution Drafting Committee which was lately appointed by Presidential resolution on 9 March 2014.

We, hereby, as interestingly and closely monitor the political progress has been made in association with the implementation of the National Dialogue Conference’s outputs, believe that women’s under-representation in the aforementioned committees violated the rights to democratic participation, social justice, equal citizenship and equal access to opportunities which are clearly stated in the National Dialogue Conference final document and its guarantees.

Constituting Women’s Rights Support Group is stressing on the right of quota representation and calling national and international parties to reaffirm their commitment towards the NDC outputs and the UNSCR 2140 of 2014 by taking all measurements and actions that insure the quota representation of women, youth, marginalized people and people with disabilities and southern people in the future structuring of the National Authority, the Shora Council and the Cabinet. So women representation should be as follows:-

1.The National Authority: at least (85) women out of (282) members.
2.The Shora Council: at least (67) women out of (222) members.
3.The new Cabinet: at least (10) ministries headed by women.

Trusting that the historical mission on building the civil state of Yemen begins with having all formal and informal political structures and parties strongly believe and committed to the right of equal participation and partnership of Yemeni people (women, youth and other social strata). Therefore, we hold the President and all political parties and forces the national responsibility and accountability for fulfilling the NDC outputs and guarantees which are represent the aspirations of Yemeni people, especially women, in political participation and development.

Constituting Women’s Rights Support Group:-

- FawZ (Win) Women Network,
- Volunteers Network for Women’s Rights,
- Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights,
- Constituting Women’s Rights Campaign,
- Yemeni Foundation for Social Studies,
- Etar Foundation for Social Development,
- Al-Afeef Cultural Foundation,
- Amal Alliance
- Alliance of Supporting Women’s Issues,
- Ngem (Southern Women) Alliance,
- Da’em (Support) Initiative to Support UNSCR 1325 on Women and Peace,
- Ms. Nabila Al Zubair, Writer,
- Ms. Arwa Abdo Othman, Chairperson of Heritage House Foundation,
- Ms. Alia Faisal Al Shaiebi, Chairperson of Al Faisal Org on Forcedly Disappearance and Torture,
- Dr. Faten Adbo Mohammed, Academician,
- Ms. Samia Al Hadad, Media & Communication Specialist,
- Ms. Saher Ghanem, Youth activist,
- Ms. Latifa Noman, Business womanُ
- Ms. Entisar Sinan, Activist.