Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Heavy Clashes in Al-jalilah Village

Al-jalilah village in Yemen witnessed heavy clashes including shelling, yesterday, leaving Five Yemenis, including two soldiers killed.

Yemeni lawyer, Haykal Bafana reported yesterday:

"Heavy clashes including shelling today in AlJalilah village, Al Dhale' between 33rd Armoured Brigade & Harak militants. Up to 3 dead and more than a dozen injured. Clashes are still going on : 2 helicopter gunships join the army unit's tanks and APCs. While this is not the first armed skirmish there, the serious firepower being deployed by the Yemeni army probably means more trouble is ahead. Not really clear right now what sparked off the clash today.

Historically, Al Dhale' was the heart of South Yemen's independence war against the British in the 1960s. Anything that happens in AlDhale' is likely to reverbrate in the entire South."

The following are couple clips citizen journalist uploaded online of the clashes victims. (Graphic)