Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Amnesty Reports: Abyan's Darkest Hour

The Human Rights defender NGO, Amnesty has issued a heartbreaking report about the horrific abuses of human rights in Abyan city in Yemen. Abyan city has been seized on and off by the extremist group, Ansar al-Sharia, who is also the local branch of al-Qaeda in Yemen. (Who are Ansar al-Sharia? read more)

The report includes a series of acts done by Ansar al-Sharia over the past 2 years. We, bloggers and citizen journalists have been actively screaming out loud about those acts for the past two years and even more, and, finally, it's put in a perspective today.

The report includes very graphic images, and I fear it's just a fraction of what's going on in different parts in Yemen. It's important to remember that south of Yemen's IDPs have gradually returned to their homes, according to UNHCR and I fear that Ansar al-Sharia will implement more acts on the people there.

Here is Amnesty's report in video and the source is here:

And here is CNN's report:

While ago, I have blogged about Ansar al-sharia and another video report made about them. (Read here)