Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yemen's Arts Movement Continues

Yes, Yemen is suffering from hunger but no doubt that Arts are food for souls -- Regardless of all problems Yemen suffers from, Arts movement continues. Here is the latest two artistic events that took/taking place in Sana'a.

*"Paris and the Contemporary Arab Art exhibition" is taking place in Sana'a from 24the of June until 11the of July; exhibting 90 artistic works by several Arab artists including the three renowned Yemeni artists Dr.Amna Al-Nasiri, Boushra Al-Mutawakel and Nasser Al-Aswadi. The exhibtion is organized in cooperation of the French Cultural Center in Sana'a and Yemen's Culture ministry, at the National Musem in Sana'a.

The following pictures are taken from Artabsolument.com while announcing information about the exhibition:-

For more about the exhibition, please visit the link here(AR).

Here is one of the exhibition's posters:-


*"Portraits of A New Yemen" photography exhibtion is the second event taking place in Sana'a. Reportedly, it was organized by by Maria Primo. Plus, Human Rights minster, Mrs. Hooria Mashhur attended the exhibition along with a huge crowd. I honestly don't have much information about it. If you have any info, please forward it to me. Following pictures are taken by the great Yemeni photographer, Amira al-Sherif:-