Friday, December 23, 2011

Yemen's Life March is a Historical March

People! there are tens of thousands people in Yemen, if not millions, who are marching on foots/cars/whatever from Taiz till Sana'a; in the hope that the world would notice and care of their demand to topple Saleh's regime and start building the civil and democratic country they all aspire to have. Nonetheless, the media remains silent of this magnificent march which is a very historical event too.

This could be the first time in Yemen's history and the region's where people march from a city to another; demonstrating a peaceful resistance. And I really can't understand why the media is giving a very little coverage of that. Unfortunately, I've been really ill the whole past week and still I'm after I had a horrible tooth pain, so I really wasn't able to blog sufficiently about the historical march. I keep checking al-Jazeera website's blogs section to follow Yemen's Life March, but there is nothing (till the moment I'm writing this blog post) !! Apparently, they only care about the so-called al-Qaeda news.

Anyhow, this March reminds me of reading about the Civil Rights Marches in the USA , led by the late Dr. Luther King during the 1950s and 1960s. Indeed, Yemenis are in the process of gaining their rights back. Whether media covers this or not, history will tell eventually.