Monday, December 26, 2011

U.S. Ambassador to Yemen, Feierstein Offends Yemen's Life March

This Facebook page is created to express our anger toward, Gerald Feierstein, the United States ambassador to Yemen for his irresponsible comments regarding the peaceful march from Taiz to Sanaa.

In a press conference yesterday in the American Embassy in Sanaa attended by the leading news outlet, Almasdaronline, Gerald Feierstein has stated that the 155 mile march, from Taiz to Sanaa was not peaceful and is "provocative" and was legitimate for the regime to kill marchers.

Also, Almasdar Online quoted Feierstein comments, in which he stated: "It seems like that they do not HAVE AN INTENTION to have a peaceful march, but rather, to come to Sanaa to cause chaos causing the security forces to respond violently!"