Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What brings you back

Jeb Boone, an American journalist who breath Yemen's politics for the last 8 months or so in Yemen, is about to leave the country. His last blog post was dedicated to how Boone perceived Yemenis' hospitality. For me, as a Yemeni, it was a very touching piece to read. I just couldn't help it but tweet him "When I'm the president of Yemen, I'll give you the Yemeni nationality immediately! Seriously!" Not in the Bruce Conde style , but something better! Here is Boone's piece:- What brings you back Last month I was set to leave for a vacation to SE Asia after 10 consecutive months living in Sana’a (the longest uninterrupted stay of any journalist ever as far as I know). Two days before I was supposed to leave, the Arhab tribe began making threats against the Sana’a airport after weeks of constant aerial bombardment. The robust Yemen news rumor mill set to work soon thereafter. Twitter was “tracking” how many kilometers Arhabis were away from the airport and off and on reports of an airport closure popped up periodically...(read more)