Thursday, September 8, 2011

I dream of MY #journalism school in #Yemen

“Every time the government attacks journalists, they become more insistent on reporting,” said Masmari of Yemen Post. “The media is very courageous in Yemen and journalists will continue seeking the truth.” That was my favorit part of a piece (here is the piece) I just read about violations against independent press in Yemen. I couldn't help it but think of all the attacks & arrests Yemeni journalists have to face just because they want to tell the truth! Telling the truth about the corrupted regime of Saleh gets Yemeni journalists in trouble inside Yemen & outside Yemen. However, we, Yemeni journalist, seem to be unbreakable.
Yemen, the invisible country for some long time till late of Jan. 2011, has the greatest potential to be as developed & free as any other developing country. It's just corruption is eating the country alive. I hope there will be a time , during my lifetime, when Yemen is a very democratic country & its journalists have the absolute freedom to tell the truth. Realistically, the best way to measure how healthy is a country , is by observing how its journalists are doing. Lately, I came to a realization that a person should REALLY be careful of what s/he wishes for. It might come true! (happened to me a lot! ) Nonetheless, I dream of a Journalism School in Yemen that I run myself & teach journalsim to others. I dream of a time when journalists don't only have the absolute freedom to report, but also for others to want to learn/practice journalism. Ya Rab!