Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Suffocating Humanitarian Situation in Aden

While I do take the lane that is moving, I look to my right and see cars, cars and more cars as I go. Waiting for what you say? Waiting for gas/diesel. I say it stretches for about one to two miles long. How long will it possibly take to reach the end point? Just park your car and bring a pillow. Make yourself comfortable. Overnight is how long you will stay. But, this is only if you wake up real early in the morning, around 6 AM.

Thats not all. Once you reach the gas station, you have to fight your way to the pump because other people from the lane on the left side is merging into the right lane. Claiming they have been there first. Thats non-sense to me. There are two lanes and two sections at the gas station. Well, sometimes its only one section- so thats why some fight.

These fights arent just typical arguments. Its arguments literally on top of their cars! Imagine twenty people on top of their cars looking like they are going to kill each other at any moment! In some cases, they do. Heard a man tell me that three people died in a specific gas station due to fights. READ MORE...