Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catastrophic Humanitarian Situation in Yemen

This video shows the very long queue of cars in al-Baydha province in Yemen. This is the case with many other provinces. It's not only that there is a severe shortage of oil, but also electricity is being off for 15 to 20 hours per a day, almost around the whole country. Two days ago, it was reported that around 15 people (mostly of women and children) passed away in a hospital in Hudaidah province (a coastal city with hot weather this time in the year) because of the long power cut. The patients couldn't get the proper treatment with the needed medical instruments.

Due to the huge political unrest in the country, nothing is stable. Neither the economy, nor the security is stable. The humanitarian crisis is a nightmare for people many people and others are taking advantage of it very well. It's reported that "loyalists" to Saleh are making a great profit of selling oil with very high prices in black markets around the country.

Life in Yemen has always been difficult and I can't understand how it could be more difficult than it already used to be. Before the revolution, the statistics say that an average Yemeni lives with around $2 per a day. Today, I think 2 cents won't even do. It's also reported that thousands of Yemenis are displaced from cities to villages; adopting to a primitive life.

The country is slowly sinking to the bottom, unless a miracle occurs.