Thursday, December 9, 2010

My dream Yemen

When mother Teresa received the noble peace prize in 1979 for peace, she was asked, "What can we do to promote world peace?" She answered "Go home and love your family." Admittedly, I want peace and prosperity for my country; Yemen. Yemen is my home country and my greatest love. I want nothing but goodness for all its parts. I’d like to promote peace in Yemen by loving it and truly caring about it. So, I declare that I love Yemen.

Dr. Martin Luther king once said, “I have a dream” and I; Afrah Nasser also, have a dream. My dream is a peaceful Yemen that’s without corruption and is never a prey for terrorism. A country that its entire people have a decent life which is pragmatic, organized and disciplined. Most importantly, I dream of Yemenis who are not poor, well-educated and developed. Moreover, I dream of Yemen that its administration is not corrupted, respect human rights and make sure democracy is its foundation.
Yemen has many issues to work on and the first answer is diagnosing the problems in order to solve them. We, Yemenis, can’t just be in denial for ever. I think it’s enough already! We are in a great turbulence because of our state of being in denial! If I want prosperity and efficient administration is because I want to provide a constructive critization.

The reason I say I dream and not hope is because I believe dreams eventually come true but hopes get you only disappointed. Whenever I dream it means I visualize and that leads to realizing the dream, almost all the time. I truly believe that my thinking creates my reality and I’m very optimistic that my dreams will come true for real.