Monday, October 23, 2017

We did it! I will attend CPJ award ceremony

WE  DID  IT!  I got the visa! “We know about ur case; we got some notes from several directions,” the embassy officer told me, “am gonna grant u the visa this time as we realized the significance of the award u got.”

Right after I left the embassy, I spoke to The Take Away Radio and gave more details on the visa issue, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and my work.

I never really had faith in the power of media & public opinion as I have today. This Makes me think of people who don’t enjoy my high media profile. This is why, we need to get the tragedy in Yemen as well-known as hell so we can all help pushing an end for it!

As I left the embassy, I felt I should be happy not for getting the visa but for realizing the importance of people’s outrage in media that could bring change & make a difference. I feel in my whole career I was only being prepared for this moment. And now, the real, serious & necessary work begins.

Thanks for each one of you who helped me. Now, let’s all of us work together in getting the tragedy in Yemen more & more well-known worldwide & help in bringing an end to it.