Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Discussing Yemen is no longer a mere political analysis

Last night I co-spoke in Emmaus Björkå's event. My focus was Yemen. I never was more focused like I was yesterday. Discussing Yemen is no longer a mere political analysis; Discussing Yemen is rather my daily life, my daily calls with shattered family members, relatives, friends, friends of friends and the new Yemeni refugee friends I make along the way. Discussing Yemen is discussing why I have sleepless nights. Discussing Yemen is about why I have this guilt every time I feel full and think of the million children in Yemen who forgot how feeling full used to be. Discussing Yemen is about how I have this guilt every time I get sick and can get medicine while thinking of my fellow Yemenis sieged with no hospitals, and if they can get to the hospital, they can't afford to pay for anything. Discussing Yemen is no longer a mere political analysis, it's rather remembering that fathers today bury their newly-born starved to death babies and can't even afford to buy all gravestones.

My anger is one without scream, my pain is one without tears, for my fellow Yemenis whose blood seems cheaper than the Saudis' cash. So, I spoke last night with a clarity I hope I can keep on holding.

I didn't miss the chance to call on the audience to question what Sweden-made weapon does in Yemen war and many wars in the MENA region. How can Swedes not know how Sweden is investing in conflicts?! hope the audience start to question and be better well-informed citizens and stop the tragedies unfolding in the other corner of the world...coz what happens over there, will, inevitably, backlash.