Thursday, June 2, 2016

Yemen & Jihadism

Reading "Why Jihad Went Global" book by dr. Fawaz Gerges & had to stop for few days at this page, processing how Ramzi Bin Alshaibah had to go that destructive road. The memories of his late mother, khala Sa'adiah coming to our house to chew Qat along with my mom & her girlfriends are still vivid on my mind. Ramzi used to come & walk her home in the evening. Ramzi is of mixed-race, like me. I'm sure he struggled with racism & identity crisis. Ramzi was a tall handsome guy. Ramzi's family had tough time with poverty. Khala Sa'adiah used to sell (bakhour) & (dera'a) at these Qat sessions to support her family. I could have been Ramzi. Ramzi is today in Guantanamo & I'm in Sweden, & Yemen is in abyss. How reality can be this distressing! Thank God I got my writing to vent; I'm, thus, writing a piece on how Yemen's stability is necessary for global security. My Jihad is to speak out for this land's violated dignity. May justice be served one day!