Sunday, April 10, 2016

Let's Coexist Yemen

Kudos to Yemenis who despite all the misery & frustration continue to advocate for peace & coexistence! 

via لنتعايش Lets Coexist Yemen: "The country has been going through a very devastating time. Individual Yemeni youth in partnership with House of Ideas has collaborated to launch a sustainable campaign to promote peace and coexistence in Yemen. The campaign is launched with this video......

......the social fabric in Yemen, sometimes even causing fractions between families. Yemenis aspire for permanent peace and social justice. Stopping the war is the ultimate goal but dealing with its ugly consequences and the devastating impact on social ties can start from now.

The video is only the beginning of this campaign. We invite every Yemeni individual and organization to contribute to the campaign by keeping the hashtag alive and by contributing to achieving its objectives.

The campaign objectives include:
- Promote social cohesion and peace in Yemen.
- Emphasize shared values and beliefs.
- Support the efforts of peace and conflict resolution by increasing the readiness for tolerance and reconciliation."