Sunday, May 10, 2015

Is This The Beginning of The End For Saleh?

Surreal. Totally bizarre. Astonishing. Beyond comprehension.

These might be few adjectives that can do this scene justice: ousted, ex-president, Ali Abduallah Saleh swiftly reaches back to one of his houses first thing in the morning after the house was shelled at the dawn by a Saudi airstrike. Miraculously, he was not targeted as he was not at home, but one was killed and dozens who live in the area were injured (including women and children) following the shelling.

Saleh does not only make sure to check the damage, but he also drags his own TV channel staff, places someone to interview him right there, in front of the destruction, snatches the mic and addresses the viewers, firing words against everyone against "the Yemeni nation" (which includes him) and against Yemen.

Each detail compromising this scene is so surreal that not even any movie senario would have depicted it in this way. Many found resemblness between Saleh's position with Gaddafi's during the beginning of the Libyan revolution. This leads to a serious question: is this the beginning of the end for Saleh? don't forget that he survived an assassination attempt in June, 2011. He seems to be unkillable. No body knows what will happen next, but one thing is certain: expect the unimaginable!