Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yemen Today TV Station Looted and Shut Down

Yesterday, Yemen Today TV station, owned by ousted president Ali Saleh, was attacked, looted and shut down by the presidential security forces. The station's surveillance cameras captures the looting:

Al Thawra newspaper, known as Yemen's first official newspaper, which became affiliated to president Hadi's regime following his appointment in 2012, has published a piece explaining the reasons for the attack on the TV station: "Yemen Today TV station has became a tool for instigation sabotage and violence .. the station never had an official license from Yemen's Information Ministry and still it didn't bother to have one...the TV station was shut down because it violated the people's will for change and democracy."

Following the incident, Saleh run a meeting with his political party, the General People's Congress to condemn the attack on his political party's station he founded in 2012: