Saturday, November 16, 2013

Violence Against Women at NDC Continues

Amira Al-arasi
"One of Yemen Today TV channel's photographers physically assaulted Youth's Representative at Yemen's National Dialogue conference (NDC), Amira initial solution to the problem was made in which the photographer would apologise to Amira and he'd be detained for an entire day in prison, and the whole staff of the TV channel covering the conference would be replaced since they were unprofessional."
 (via Majdi Naqib)

This is not the first incident where a woman at the NDC being subjected to violence by another man, as far as I have been following there have been two1 other2 incidents. Yes, males have been subjected to violence at the NDC but I'm talking about the gender-based violence here.

Yemen has a traditional society where prevailing cultural attitudes bestow women low status in the family as well as in the community. Women in Yemen are subjected to various forms of violence, including physical and psychological abuse within the family, the workplace and the society.

There is no accurate statistics that depict how many women are subjected to violence in Yemen due to the societal and traditional restrains in addressing the subject-matter. However, the prevailing violence against women at the NDC confirms the prevail of this practice. The government is not only responsible on guaranteeing women more protection but it's also responsible in reforming the other forms of violence against women through the institutionalization of discriminatory laws in our constitutions.