Sunday, November 10, 2013

Taiz Marks Women's Mosque Massacre - 2nd Anniversary

11.11.2011 was a horrific day in Taiz city, Yemen's second largest city. Massive killings against peaceful protesters and innocent citizens were committed on that day by ex-president, Ali Saleh's forces as part of the bloody crackdown on the 2011's protests in Taiz. Dozens were killed including women and children, and dozens were injured by being shield and targeted by snipers' gunshots and more.

In 2011, I blogged about the atrocities committed on that day and I included graphic images from the targeted scenes,
"What's happening in Taiz is a real massacre against unarmed civilians at their houses and there is no guarantee that anyone is safe," tweeted @TahaAbdoh from Taiz. So far, at least 13 people, including women and kids have been killed after Saleh's troops savagely attacked pro-democracy protesters and civilians at their houses. Also, dozens of others were wounded, including civilians." Read more here

Tomorrow, the city will hold a commemoration demonstration to mark the day and continue the call to take criminals responsible of those crimes accountable of their crimes against humanity.

The following is a graphic footage from one of Taiz's mosques where women were targeted while holding a protest. It was one of the first bloody crackdown committed on that day and hence the day was named after this unfortunate event.