Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yemen's "Karamah Has No Walls" Shortlisted for an Oscar

It was the 18th of March 2011, it was called the "Friday of Dignity" and it was one of the first bloody massacres on peaceful protesters in Sanaa, Yemen. Around 52 people got killed by snipers & over 200 people got injured within few hours. Back then, I heard it all, i heard the gunshots and the scream.. because I lived one block away from the square where the bloodshed took place.

My poor mother was almost going to die out of fear inside our apartment.. I was sitting at my room doing my multi-tasking thing! 1. I was calming my mother. 2. I was watching the news on TV, switching from a channel to another to get as many info as possible. 3. I was tweeting non-stop about the situation. 4. I was calling family members and got to know that my cousin Amar was there. You can imagine the horror we were having. 5.And of course, I was weeping non-stop.

Friday of Dignity is a milestone in Yemen's 2011 uprising not because of the killing that took place at that day -as some consider it to be so- but because of the aftermath of that day. An influential faction from the army, who is also known for his corruption and misuse of power, Ali Muhsen Alahmar joined the uprising after that friday.

Anyhow, Friday of Dignity today will be remembered forever, thanks to Sara Ishaq's work. Hollywood's Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has chosen eight documentary short films to continue in the 86th Academy Awards race. Among the films is "Karamah Has No Walls" documentary made by Ishaq that documented that tragic day events. Being in the race, meaning being among 8 documentaries on the Oscar shortlist by itself is a success in conveying the genuine message of that day; "Yemenis' fight for dignity." Finger crossed, the film might win and we shall all celebrate ... and kudos to martyrs!

Trailer of "Karama Has No Wall" documentary.