Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't Question Child Marriage's History in Yemen

"June, 2008 - Arwa Abdul Mohamad Ali al-Shuhali, 9, outside the home where she is staying, away from her father and mother. Arwa was married last year at age 8 to a 35-year-old man in her home village near the city of Ibb. Her divorce is still pending, and the judge who supervised the signing of the marriage contract by the husband and Arwa's father was arrested briefly for allowing the marriage to go through. However, the judge claims that he was told Arwa's age to be 14. Arwa refused to return home to her parents out of fear that her father would send her back to her husband's custody. In Yemen, where the legal age of marriage is 15, young marriage is common, particularly in the country's tribal regions and within families with many children and low incomes." >>>