Sunday, September 22, 2013

This Is What It Looks Like When An Enjoying-Impunity Toppled Dictator Starts Using Facebook

This post is inspired by an old published post on Buzzfeed about Syria's brutal dictator, Assad; using Instagram. Like Assad, Yemen's ex-president, Ali Abdullah Saleh's started to use -not Instagram- Facebook and Twitter over the past six months. You never know! he might join Instagram soon.

As it's the case, ousted president Saleh's Facebook posts are mainly about his activities and personal interests. He intends to 'share' stuff with his 'fans'. However, his FB presence is a tool to reach out the masses and send a clear message that says; 'I'm here'. Indeed, he is here and enjoying an absolute impunity. Saleh is not only a man responsible of the 2011's protests killings, but he is also responsible of several civil armed conflicts the country witnessed during his 3 decades old regime. While he should have been behind bars, he's Facebooking. 

Rumor has it that Ali Saleh is illiterate but we shall believe that he's not after seeing this picture.  

Ali Saleh flies to Saudi regularly for medical care simply because he doesn't trust Yemen's 5 stars healthcare system.  

Nationalistic Saleh wears and forces his sons and grandsons to wear the traditional Yemeni customs to prompt the country's heritage. This was at his son's wedding party.    

Ali Saleh makes sure to follow the seasonal clothes and here he's wearing a special
made Lacoste hat, Fall 2013. Saleh was visiting his hometown, Afash.   

Eco-friendly Ali Saleh. 

Family commitments come first. Saleh celebrates his son's 25th birthday. 

After eating that birthday party's cake, Saleh hits the gym to get rid of those extra calories.  

Hipster Saleh likes to chill. 

The backstreet boys' posture moment with his guards.