Saturday, March 16, 2013

What International Mainstream Media Doesn't Show about Women in Yemen

If you just google "Yemeni women" or/and observe contents on international media about women in Yemen, you'd definitely get pictures of Yemeni women covering their whole bodies and wearing black in black; only showing their eyes and hands. Since there is a tendency to portrait Yemeni women in a certain pattern in the international media as very conservative and influenced by how women in KSA usually wear the black abaya, this post is dedicated to dispel that myth.

Almost %60 of Yemen's population lives in rural areas where women know nothing about that black abayas. The dress code is as colorful as it gets.

In the capital city of Yemen, Sana'a, women's dress code in the public is very diverse. However, I lament how international media outlets only portrait half of the picture; disseminating pictures of the conservative ones like above and the other side of women's dress code like the ones below are neglected.

This is a report done by a Yemeni TV channel about a group of women's celebration on the International Women's Day, last 8th March. Notice, no international media bothered to report about them.