Thursday, March 21, 2013

On Mothers' Day, a Tribute to Mothers in Yemen

SEVEN women die EVERY day from pregnancy and childbirth in Yemen. Over 90% of these deaths are preventable, if a political decision is made to address the causes (hopefully with the help of the current National Dialogue Conference) like combating child marriages and improving healthcare system in rural areas specially, etc.

"A mother is the family’s spine. She is crucial for her family’s welfare because so much depend on her. In one-way or another, her well-being directly reflects upon the entire family’s well-being. Any damage experienced to her automatically affects her offspring and the family as a whole. The greater the attention that is given to a mother, the greater the chances are for her to have healthy and strong children. The stronger the children, the more stable and solid society will be. Investing all available and required health and social resources into motherhood’s safety is unquestionably an investment in a nation’s well-being." That's a quote from an old report I made while working at Yemen Observer newspaper, in Feb. 2010. (Read More)

On this very day, I can't stop thinking about those women. It's very heartbreaking to know that motherhood in Yemen could be a game of Russian roulette; they might live or die..just like that.

Happy Mothers' Day!