Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rare Pictures of Colony of Aden Era - Yemen

British soldiers from the Northumberland Fusiliers confront a frightened Yemeni boy, while breaking up demonstrations in Aden - 1967

A soldier from the Northumberland Fusiliers pulls a man out of a crowd of Yemeni protesters. The crowd stand around with their hands in the air - 1967

British Troops Marching Through The Streets Of Aden - 1940

A portrait of the tribesmen who joined forces with King (Imam) Ahmed to fight the British - 1957

A British soldier stands over a restrained demonstrator in Aden - 1967

Wounded British Soldier in Aden - 1967

Demonstrators carry signs and pictures of President Nasser as they chant slogans in the streets of the British protectorate of Aden - 1967

British troops arrest an Yemeni demonstrator during protests in Aden - 1967