Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spanish Photographer Blogs on Yemen

Ali's day from juan herrero on Vimeo.

Ali's Day is an interesting short music film by Spanish photographer, Juan Herrero who is based in Yemen currently. The film depicts several traditional aspects of an average Yemeni wedding celebration. The film is about Ali's wedding party day. In his blog Herrero commented about this day, "100% Yemeni wedding. Dancing daggers, AK-47s, drugs and lots of men. Thula, the Haraz Mountains."

In a following blog post he wrote about another wedding party he was invited to. The wedding celebration was for a person from al-Houthi clan. Herrero wrote, "last night, I was invited to a couple of weddings which happened to be for Houthies. What can I say? welcoming, generous, funny… the greatest atmosphere. I really appreciated it."

You can follow Juan Herrero's journey in Yemen in his blog here.