Saturday, May 12, 2012

Freedom to Syria! ♥

The situation in Syria is extremely difficult. The bloodbath is horrific..thousands have been killed, thousands are left injured and a great number of activists and bloggers are arrested. I remembered couple weeks ago, I watched a young man in Syria getting slaughtered with electric saw. It was too graphic that I couldn't post the clip..needless to say about the other graphic footages coming from Syria since the killing machine of al-Assad started.

Brave blogger, Razan Ghazzawi was released today after being in jail for 21 days. Minutes ago, I was informed that a good friend of mine in Syria was just arrested. You can tell a situation is really bad when you at least know someone close to you is really affected by it..that's how things are in Syria. I can't help it but feel disgusted by what Bashar al-Assad's regime is doing!! Freedom to Syria! ♥