Friday, March 30, 2012

Aden Under Fire

For the past couple weeks, Aden city has been protesting actively calling for seperation. Yet, media is giving so little damn attention. I say damn because I'm really angry of how Aden is being marginalized on the media coverage of what's happening in Yemen. As matters are relatively peaceful in Sana'a, they are not in Aden. Govermental security forces are firing at protesters; killing tens and leaving several youth wounded.

It's more appealing to report about al-Qaeda and ignore about other matters. However, media should think twice if they are really reporting on "Terrorism" because the security forces are the real terrorists in Yemen and al-Qaeda is just a myth.

Here is a clip of first moments when a young boy got shot:

Here is a clip of a massive protest just took place in Aden, few hours ago.

And here is fotoges of injured youth: