Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stockholm Protests Against Bildt

He's one of the most controversial politicians in Sweden at the moment. Carl Bildt, Sweden's Foreign Affairs Minister was in trouble today as activists mobilized people to take the streets & protest against him. They want him to "Irhal", resign from office.

The demonstration took place in several cities in Sweden; not only in Stockholm. As I'm a resident of Stockholm, I joined the protest and made the following clip below.

Well, there are a number of grievances Swedes have against him. I've been here for 7 months and I already have couple ones! I didn't like his stance against Syria and I think he didn't stand up very well to the Swedish journalists jailed in Ethiopia. uh! this feels irritating as I have met him in person once, during the Nobel Peace Laureates seminar in Stockholm.

With the awfully freezing weather, I can say the demonstration was a success. Around 3 hundreds or so people showed up!

I met with Summer, Swedish-Iraqi young lady and she told me she was protesting for many reasons but most importantly protesting against Bildt stance against Syria.

I must confess the demonstration was a bit boring! Police don't shoot protesters, nor use tear gas at least! :D #kidding #bildt14jan #Sweden

Here some pictures from the demonstration:-