Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Agony for Yemen

I'm stealing the title from this VERY brief but interesting text taken from this (blog) . Notice the date for the article and you'll have an idea of how LONG Yemen has struggled for democracy and change. Also, the titel does really describe the situation in Yemen currently.

I was shocked to watch this clip from Hasabah St. in Sana'a where the battle is really intense between Saleh's forces and al-Ahmer's forces. It's about pieces of a dead body thrown on the street.

HEARTBREAKING! Why! why all this bloodshed!!?? I can't understand! this guy could be someone's son, someone's father, someone's brother; husband...and there could be many other bodies shattered like that which were not filmed. This feels my heart with sorrow and pain; realizing for sure that there are crimes against humanity in Yemen, while the world is doing nothing! I guess, our fault is that Yemen is poor and has little Oil; unlike Libya! If we were just as rich as Libya; France, US, Britain, NATO, X & Z would have rushed to give us a hand!

Unfortunately, while Yemenis wish to hear the world's voice to support it, it only hears this ;

Every Yemeni activist; inside and abroad that I know of is doing whatever he can do to support Yemen. Tawakkol also is actively working on brining more international media and support for Yemen.

Tawakkol also had an article published on my favorite newspaper, the Guardian.

Overall, the uprising shall continue. Here is the proof of a clip taken Fri. 4th of Nov.