Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Immunity for Saleh & his Remnants after all these Crimes against Humanity

At least 70 anti-regime protesters were killed since the last Sun. 18th Sept. by Saleh's forces & hundreds were injured. Till this moment, shelling & bombing around change square & the capital Sana'a are taking place. Yemenis inside the country & abroad are terrorized & traumatized by the brutality the forces are facing peaceful protesters; the youtube clips coming from Yemen are the real proof. The following clip left me paralyzed & unable to move for couple minutes while my tears pouring on my face. I'm heartbroken & speechless because I can't imagine that Yemen's "security" forces could attack Yemenis ; just because the forces are defending their leader!! Then, who will defend Yemenis!!

The clip is very graphic; especially at the 00:58 seconds and forth. Truly, Saleh must be held accountable & dragged to the International Criminal Court for all the wars against humanity he has been done.