Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Message to #Salehinksa

“We wish that he comes back so we could put him on a trial. Even if he doesn't come back, we will go to Saudi Arabia and get him out from wherever he stays at and we will put him and his sons and his thugs on a trial. Those thugs who killed our sons at squares , our innocent sons... and we say to Saudi Arabia, those infiltrators, that give weapons to kill our sons, we will never let down our sons and we will take our rights from you and from America or anyone that kills our sons at our squares.” Those are the wonderful words said by one of the Yemeni protesters in al-Hudaidah province; stating his stance on Saleh's expected return.

I really think that there is no point for Saleh to come back. How could he rule the country again like nothing has happened. Saleh politically has died. Must stay in Saudi Arabia and enjoy the remaining days of his life!