Thursday, August 25, 2011

Libya's (expected soon to be) Victory Energies Yemen's Uprising

First, Ben Ali, then Mubarak and next it's gona be Salah!

No doubt that the bound between Arab countries have deepened greatly with the start of the Arab Spring. Hence, a victory happening in Libya would largely relate to Yemen and in specific to the revolutionaries around the country. A sense of celebration is sweeping over change square in Sana'a (shown in the clip).

The questions arising are; would Yemen need a military intervention to support Yemen's uprising? Would Yemen need to have the same senario that Libya had? "i'm sure whats happening today in #libya will give a boost to #yemenis but i hope that doesnt push people to abandon peaceful resistance," tweeted @womanfromyemen.

@YusraAlA tweeted, "#Libya flags raised by Yemenis in #Taiz today celebratin their victory in a mass march along with fireworks #Yemen #yf"

The matter of fact is, the situation in Yemen is TOTALLY different than how it's in Libya, or Egypt or Tunisia .. or even Syria. Each country has its own individuality. Focusing on Yemen, I admit that there are aspects about Yemen that make it very special case:-

-There are couple states within the state in Yemen. For example, al-Islah party, it's noted as a mini-state in the country. They are one of the most powerful and wealthiest political figures in Yemen. Their views do matter and shape how the political process is taking place around Yemen.

-There is a long time US military base in Yemen. Since 2000, thousands of the US marines are in Aden; particularly at Aden Gulf and Bab al-Mandib, the southern entrance of the red Sea. I remember when I was a little girl in my school; the geographic teacher would emphasise on how Bab al-Mandib was among one of Yemen's treasures! I can clearly see that now!

So, US has already invested so much on Saleh's military and it's very unlikely that the US would initiate any form of a military intervention, similar to the one in Libya. In fact, CIA is already collaborating with Yemen's fragile government to continue their "joint military operations."

There are many other aspects that I haven't mentioned ,, but those ones are what really occupy my mind right now!