Wednesday, August 17, 2011

À bientôt à #Sana'a, #Saleh said

Check him out! He looked undefeated and unbreakable! OMG! He looked like a horse,, healthier than ever before. However, he just uttered the most idiotic arabic sentences I have ever heard in my whole life .. oh wait! Ghaddafi could compete Saleh's stupidity. Umm .. it's hard to say who's more idiot than the other.

In all cases, Saleh seems to be having pleasure with his TV appearances to teas his opponents and he is really doing a good job. I'm being teased already but I try to be cool and reflect on what the hell is going on in his mind. "He has a very stubborn personality and he is not a quitter, at all! I should be like that sometimes, " I tell myself secretly.

The title was "À bientôt à #Sana'a", meaning in French ; See you soon in Sana'a, said by Saleh but in Arabic.. I just had the desire if he would have said it in French ,, it would be more romantic, I guess :) He sounded as if the whole world would be waiting for him to get back to Yemen. Little did he know, very negative events would wait for him in Yemen.