Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sorry I won’t let you shush me

While Yemen’s Uprising is on a cross road, the political scene looks heating like never before. The opposition is about to sign an agreement with the government based on the Gulf countries’ initiative, which is not completely matching the protesting youth’s demands on the ground. Things are building up and most of the protesters are running out of patience!

Anyhow, lately, I’m receiving verbal warning remarks from people I know and I don’t know that I should “slow it down!”

“You are becoming a political person and you always talk about politics. You should not become so, especially that you’re putting your real name and your real photo on your Facebook page and blog. You should be extra cautious and not say provocative stuff at all! Just keep talking about “Soft Topics”,” they told me.

Since I’m like an open book to many readers of my blog, I’d like to share this. My reaction towards all those remarks is;

Sorry I’m not scared to put my real name out there

Sorry I’m being the real me all the time

Sorry I break the rules

Sorry I break the mold

Sorry if I don’t fake it

Sorry I won’t hide what I really think and feel

Sorry I don’t pretend being someone else

Sorry I’m not conservative

Sorry I’m not silent

Sorry I won’t let you shush me

Sorry I’m still lifting my head high and staying strong

I’ll just keep bogging on!