Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Yemeni/International Women’s Day!

I just had the most awesome celebration of the International Women’s Day (IWD) EVER! Here in Sana’a, Yemeni women came together to remark the occasion beautifully at “Change Square”.

Forget about Naomi Campbell launching whatever for the IWD and forget about Queen Rania launching another whatever for IWD! Yemeni women launched their voices against 33-year-old injustice at the square surrounded by their Yemeni fathers, brothers and sons. All of them had one voice/one agreement to call for ousting Yemen’s president.

Hours ago, thousands of Yemeni female protesters gathered at “Change Square” in front of Sana’a University to remark the International Women’s Day protected by Yemeni men.

Once I entered the area of protesting, I felt like VIP. Men were literary moving men in front of me aside to let me in and have an easy access for me to get to the center spot where I found thousands of Yemeni females gathered. Small girls, teenage girls, ladies, old women and all kinds of females were there. It was remarkable to be there surrounded by males who came to celebrate women’s participations and importance in making change for Yemen. It was amazing to see all the men looking at women with respect and adoration for their presence at the square.

F U to anyone who says that chaos will occur if the regime falls apart!
FU to anyone who says that women will be rapped if the regime falls apart!

Yemeni men proved to me and to thousands of Yemeni ladies that they will protect us and no harm will occur. Yemenis have the kindest hearts towards their mothers, sisters and daughters, no doubt.

Happy Yemeni/International Women’s Day!